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Things I Love

An ongoing collection of all of the things I love:

Music lives inside my legs (and other wise observations...)
The most beautiful book in the world ( I dare you not to get chills)
If you like pina coladas and listening to the sound of rain
My job away from my job
Inspirational graffiti on the bathroom stall
Doodles and Doodling (in these)
Words For The Soul
Movie theatre previews
People who share (their snacks)(at the movies)
The lake, the ocean, the sea, the bathtub
Tea (because it's magical)
Talks about nothing in particular
Notes on the refrigerator
Getting Lost in Just Doing
When people say "No worries," "It's all good" 
"Me too" moments
Singing in my car
Finding the best song and listening to it until you actually despise the sound of it
Contagious laughter & spontaneous affection
Hilarious and adorable drawings by Marc Johns
This amazing email newsletter that I wake up to
Balloon animals