Honeycomb tiles are the sweetest spring design trend 

The sophistication and fluidity of honeycomb tiling has made it the star design element of entryways, washrooms, and kitchens. Whether you prefer the minimalism of plain white or a kaleidoscope of colour, this hexagonal eye candy has captured both our gaze and the soles of our feet.
Despite the endless variety of shapes and colours available for backsplashes, many designers are opting for honeycomb tiles because they are both beautiful and easy to install. The love for the honeycomb, while seemingly a new design fascination, can actually be traced back to Ancient Pagan times when it was revered as a symbol of elegance and harmony. The perfect symmetry of the hexagon (all of its sides are the same length) make it ideal for backsplashes or floors as the tiles fit together with little to no space between them. A feature wall of honeycomb tiles can infuse your kitchen or washroom with glamour without breaking the bank. What's more, these stunning tiles are washable and will protect your walls from water splashes, grease stains, or pasta sauce mishaps. 
In addition to a hexagon’s perfect geometry, our eyes are effortlessly drawn to hexagonal tiling because it is a reflection of our natural environment. Snowflakes, crystals, honeycombs, the shell of a tortoise, and even the naturally forming columns of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland are all comprised of hexagons. 
The naturally occurring shape of the hexagon in our environment brings a warmth and familiarity when it appears indoors. Large hexagonal tiles add warmth and texture to large spaces and are a perfect alternative to hardwood flooring. 
While many may be skeptical about bringing such a bold statement tile into their home, there is no need to fret. The versatility of the hexagon allows this tile to grace any floor or wall without looking out of place. Try pairing large hexagonal tiles on a bathroom floor with a sparkly mosaic backsplash behind the sink or mixing and matching tiles to blend the boundaries between spaces.

Whatever your aesthetic taste, be sure to think out of the box...or rectangle... the next time you are looking to breathe new life into your home. Your walls and floors deserve a new shape! 

Image Source: JuilanTile