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Swag For Your Inbox

Swag For Your Inbox

E-mail newsletters get a bad wrap for being full of spam and annoying advice but rest assured, the following list will only sprinkle your inbox with sparkles and pixie fairy dust. So here you are, some sweet reads for your swag box:


1. Austin Kleon {Newsletter} 

Love this newsletter by Austin Kleon, author of Show Your Work and Steal Like An Artist. The newsletter consists of a weekly blast of blackout newspaper poems, movie and book recommendations, and sweet links to the opinions and works of other artists. Even if you think you aren't an artist/writer/poet/finger-painter, sign-up. It will make you think differently about things you didn't even know you could shift your perspective on. 


2. Art To Self {Newsletter} 

Art To Self is headed by Steph, a talented cartoonist who has made it her mission to spunk up your inbox with inspiring drawings "that remind you of your awesomeness." Art to Self isn't an extension of a blog or a company. The drawings were made just for your inbox, which makes them all that more special. These cartoons have definitely got me through some rough patches, so if you're looking for some sunshine, Art To Self will light your gmail up. 


3. Tara Mohr {Newsletter}

Okay, get ready because Tara Mohr (author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom For Women Who Want To Speak Up, Create, And Lead) isn't afraid of going into the deep end. Tara's newsletters are approachable and practical with concrete advice on how to hush your inner critic, lean into fear, and stop "playing small." While I don't find she sends out emails on the regular, the following are some gems you can scoop up from a link on her website (that are sent to your inbox). 

Even if you are not into meditating (I'm not a fan myself) try out this link to a guided inner mentor visualization (which is sent to your inbox). I've sent this link to so many people and they have all found it so helpful and calming. All you have to do is lie down and put in your earphones. Ta da! But for real, do it. I've listened to this meditation so many times and it is ahh-mazing. I have the link saved on my iTunes so I can listen to it whenever I feel the need. 

Have a great newsletter you want to share? Let me know in the comments :) 
Social Anxiety Necklace

Social Anxiety Necklace